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Hi! Meet the powerhouse woman in the wellness industry, Trish N Golderer (Life Coach + Positive Psychologist + EFT Practitioner). These retreats were created with the hard working woman in mind. Being a business owner herself, she knows how crucial it is to take time just to focus on your well-being. Busy Babe Luxe Retreats is the new sister company of True You Health Solutions, LLC and we will be taking you to some of the most coveted and sought out locations around the world. Apply to join a BB Luxe Retreat for an experience you will never forget and the rejuvenation you need to stay on your A game.


"Tulum offers the perfect combination of total relaxation, tranquility, and seclusion, yet can fill your day with the many interesting and rich activities in the area.(tulum.com)" Home of the ancient Mayans. Join us for a 6-day / 5-night experience in your very own beach-front villa where we will have the space to destress and rejuvenate our souls. Expect to laugh, eat, move, experience, and give back to this slice of tropical heaven on the Rivera Maya

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